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At Schiavi, your custom-built home has infinite possibilities. Our team of creative builders and skilled craftsmen care about your vision — we plan and build with unbridled passion, confidence, and enthusiasm for creating homes that are true reflections of how you want to live. We are communicators who form a team with you to make sure that during every step of the way the process runs smooth as can be. Not only will you know that your home is being built to your exacting standards, you'll have peace of mind knowing there are no surprises along the way.

controlled environments

All our homes are constructed in facilities that prevent the materials we use from being compromised by the elements. Our materials surpass many of the standards used in traditionally built homes, resulting in a structure that is more sound and most importantly, more energy efficient.

customized to your standards

While we offer a number of models from which to choose, those are only starting points upon which to build. The possibilities of what can be added, how the rooms are laid out, and the amenities that go into your home are only limited by your imagination.


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Ready to plan the home of your dreams? Looking for the perfect second home by the lake, on the mountain, or near the ocean? Be in touch, we're ready to take you home.

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