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Simply put, Schiavi Home Builders is  a general contractor who builds custom homes.  We choose to use Modular Technology as our base form of construction.  Our crew of craftsmen take over where modular construction restricts building, to allow our customers limitless possibilities. 



Whether you are a first time homebuyer, building a vacation getaway or your retirement home, Schiavi Home Builders can build the home that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.







Lately, a lot of people have been asking whether we use Plywood or OSB Sheating.  Our answer is both, but this inquiry has caused me to be curious about the benefits of Plywood vs. OSB...

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Step 1: Choose


Your Land

Your Builder

Your Bank



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Home Planning Workshops









During Step 1, the ball is in side2.jpgyour court 100% of the time.  It is up to you to make the decisions about who to work with for financing, who is going to build your home and where you will be building.


Schiavi Home Builders is willing and able to help you make good decisions by providing you information.  Schiavi Home Builders can visit potential building lots to explain why one lot may cost less or more to build on than another lot.  We can provide information about various financing programs and help you devise a plan for saving for a down payment or closing costs.


However, before this assistance can begin... you have to choose Schiavi Home Builders as YOUR Builder.  Call us today to set up an appointment  (877)209-8414.

Step 2: Plan


Home Designs

Project Quotes

Home Building Contracts







Customers sometimes know exactly what they want in the design of their home, but more often than not, they have some general ideas.  Based on their project budget and their general ideas our experienced Home Planner will guide customers through the design and sales process during Step 2.


Every aspect of the home will be discussed.  From Excavation to Interior Trim from Front Steps to Attic Stairs... Decisions have to be made.  Schiavi Home Builders believes by allowing customers to make all of these decisions, they have the ultimate control over their home & budget. 


Schiavi Home Builders has an exclusive Home Planning Program that allows us to virtually build homes on paper.  We have worked diligently on this program, investing countless hours over the years to develop this tool.  Our program allows us to commit to quoting projects instead of giving allowances and estimates.



Along with our industry leading Home Planning Program, Schiavi Home Builders sets up a Homeowner Website for each of our customers.  This website allows homeowners to stay up-to-date with their homebuilding project from design to completion.

Step 3: Build




30 Day Walk-thru




Step 3 is where all of the decisions come together and your new home is built.  If you have chosen Schiavi Home Builders to be the General Contractor for your project, we will handle all aspects of the building process.  From scheduling the excavator to electrician to the heating contractors... all of the details are expertly coordinated through our construction management team.


Utilizing the yankee craftmenship of our construction crew, homeowners find that building with Schiavi Home Builders ensures their home is Uniquely Built, Specifically for them!


Homeowners remain up-to-date with their new home with the use of their homeowner website, which is updated weekly.


Even after the home is completed and the homeowners move in, Schiavi Home Builders is not done.  30 days after moving into your new home, we will complete a walk-through with homeowners to discuss questions or concerns.